Can you swing a hammer? Run a power drill? Maybe you’re just pumped about improving our neighborhoods? Whatever your particular skill set – be it holding ladders, painting, or working shovels -- there’s a place for YOU to affect permanent change on this block.

Once an A & P Grocery, the open lot between Estate Liquidators and East 59 Vintage and Café is perfectly suited to become a community courtyard, and you’re invited to join us in making it happen.

We’ll be using a Bobcat to sculpture the existing gravel parking lot, stringing lights, and installing a retaining wall to create space for container retail. Then we get creative. We have lots of pallet wood that can be turned into a living plant wall, border planters and even furniture for an “outdoor living room”. Construction experts will be on hand for safety measures and to provide guidance.

In addition we’ll be planting new trees in the empty tree wells on the north side of the street! Sign up at